Services and Price List:

Not all computer service professionals are trained equally. Some are merely hobbyists masquarading as professionals and others can have a very narrow field of specialty. When choosing the right help for your computer systems, be sure of the technician's expertise and honesty. The price you pay for service is not always a good indicator of a technician's proficiency. Paying a few dollars more to have your computer repaired properly the first time will cost you less in the long run. Prices are subject to change. Details available in lab.

  • Estimates: Free!
  • General Hourly Rate On-Site (Min. 1 Hour): 150$ 1st hour, 75$ following hours
  • General Hourly Rate In-Lab (Min. 1 Hour): 50$
  • Afterhours / Emergency Hourly Rate: 200$
  • Backup (25$~100$+)
  • Cloud Backup Service $0.75 / Gb / Month or Less
  • Managed Backup Service per Year: Weekly $550, Bi-weekly $800, Daily $1050
  • Installing Components Fixed Rate: 25$
  • Complete Malware Cleanup / Tune-Up (Guaranteed): 100$
  • Format / Complete Reinstall (All drivers & Updates): 100$
  • Data Recovery: 50$~500$
  • System Corruption / Damage Repair: 25$~100$
  • Managed .ca Domain Registration: 25$ per year
  • Remote Support $50 / year + $100 / hour. (Included w/ Managed Backups)
  • Retainer Plans with priority service and 1/2 hour billing from $50/hr*. Details bellow.

All retainer plans include remote support and are invoiced by the 1/2 hour. Plan holders will also receive priority over non-plan holders. Plans are available in blocks of hours. Each block expires 1 year after the invoice date. Plans must be paid in advance before services are rendered. Plans are available as follows:

  • 10-Hour Block, $95/Hour
  • 25-Hour Block, $90/Hour
  • 50-Hour Block, $80/Hour
  • 100-Hour Block, $70/Hour


Having my name on the business is your proof that I stand by my product. Here, I pride myself on unparalled customer services and technical prowess. I love doing things right the first time. In some very rare cases, things don't go as planned. In these situations I will do everything I can to make it right. GUARANTEED!

All hardware comes with a manufacturer's warranty that is independent to my own.