About Us

James Fournier IT Services (Services Informatiques James Fournier) was founded in 2009, but it all started back in 1996. At the time, I got my first glimpse of large servers while employed as the General Manager of a dot-com start-up. Even-though those servers sat behind a glass wall, it was still enough to fascinate me. Later in my career, while working for another firm, I got my first test at troubleshooting when the company's IT guy went on vacation. During the absence, it fell on me to support the company's computers. Those two weeks inspired me to completly change my career.

I returned to school to learn computer software and hardware. After completing my education and winning a prestigious internship at Bombardier Aerospace, I went on to co-found my first business. After three years I decided to take a different approach. Leaving the business to my partner, I went off to start my first solo venture.

Today James Fournier IT Services, is young, dynamic, and specialized in networking and hardware troubleshooting. We pride ourselves on hardwork, honesty, knowledge, and skill. We believe our business represents one of the best values in IT consulting services. James Fournier I.T. Services enjoys an extremely high customer loyalty and referral rate.

From cleaning out a virus on your laptop, IT infrastructure for your new office, to supporting an entire mid-size business, James Fournier IT Services can help. Faster. Cheaper. Smarter.